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Bigfat's Hot Sauce

3o8 garlic ginger hot sauce
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Bigfat's Hot Sauce

Bigfat's Hot Sauce

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3o8 garlic ginger hot sauce
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By Bigfat's Hot Sauce

Nothing short of pure aromatic nirvana, this is a true treat for garlic lovers. A bold balance of flavors delicately mesh to create this delicious Thai influenced sauce. We slowly dial up the heat with fresh habaneros and the end result is plain glorious.

Origin: Chicago, IL, USA

Size: 5 oz

Pairs With: Grilled or fried fish, tuna salad, crab cakes, scallops, Thai food, pork, pot stickers, potato salad, pasta salad, rice, with peanut butter, as a garlic bread spread, chicken wings or anywhere you want a fragrant kick.

Product SKU: 1506-0003
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