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Bigfat's Hot Sauce

5o8 chipotle hot sauce
Bigfat's Hot Sauce

Bigfat's Hot Sauce

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5o8 chipotle hot sauce
$ 6.50 per Bottle
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By Bigfat's Hot Sauce

Do you love to tantalize and torture your taste buds? This blazing smoky blend is packed with the blissful sting of ripe habaneros and the sultry embrace of rich chipotle flavor. Give in. Euphoria awaits.

Origin: Chicago, IL, USA

Size: 5 oz

Pairs With: Pulled pork, tacos, burritos, eggs, chicken, burgers, baked potatoes, seafood, potato salad, sloppy Joe, chili, enchiladas and whenever you want to add some smoky flavor.

Product SKU: 1506-0005
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