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Basil Leaf ground
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eSutras Organics

eSutras Organics

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Basil Leaf ground
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By eSutras Organics

Basil oil is obtained through steam distillation of the flower tops, leaves, or shoots. The oil is yellow and aromatic. In India, basil is sacred to both Krishna and Vishnu. An Indian custom is to sleep with a basil leaf on the chest. Medicinal qualities include being a stimulant, and giving restorative and uplifting feelings. Emotionally, according to Ayurveda, Holy Basil, through inhalation may aid with anxiety, hysteria and nervous depression. It is a stress reducer without being a sedative. Note: Although remedial, people with major health ailments like cancer, or epilepsy should avoid use. Non-toxic, non-irritant, possible sensitization in some individuals. Not to be used while pregnant.

Size: 15 mL

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