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Artisan Olive Juice

Kenneth's love for dirty martinis was inherited from his grandfather. However, he was constantly disappointed with the pre-made martini mixers on the market, so Kenneth created the first all-natural martini mix made from whole, premium Spanish olives.

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All Natural Olive Juice
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By Auryn Industries

The perfect blend of pure olive flavor, brine, and pimiento, to give you a true dirty martini. So whether you like your martinis dusty, dirty or downright filthy, insist upon a recipe that uses only the finest ingredients.

Origin: Texas, USA

Size: Dusty - 2 parts Vodka/Gin to 1/2 part 1888 Dirty - 2 parts Vodka/Gin to 1 part 1888 Filthy - 2 parts Vodka/Gin to 2 parts 1888 ** Part = 1 oz.

Pair with: Can also be used to sauté shrimp or as a sauce for pan-seared salmon

Weight: 1 bottle = 16.9 oz

Product SKU: 1452-0001
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