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Big Al's Texas Rubs

Hell from Texas Dry Rub 10.5 oz.
Big Al's Texas Rubs

Big Al's Texas Rubs

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Hell from Texas Dry Rub 10.5 oz.
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By Big Al's Texas Rubs

General Sherman of the Army of Northern Aggression (that's the Union army for you people from the north) said about Texas, "IF I OWNED HELL AND TEXAS, I WOULD RENT OUT TEXAS AND LIVE IN HELL." Well poor General Sherman never tasted anything prepared with Big Al's Hell from Texas Rub. As the name indicates, it is HOT--Spicy hot with two types of peppers lending it that true authentic Texas taste. Put a little on for that extra bite or a lot for that full furnace effect. The more you shake on, the hotter it will be.

Tips: Big Al says "Put it on anything"

Pair with: Pair with Mesquite and Hickory Dry Rubs to add another flavor dimension as well as heat.

Product SKU: 1459-0013
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