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Big Al's Texas Rubs

Original Dry Rub 10.5 oz.
Big Al's Texas Rubs

Big Al's Texas Rubs

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Original Dry Rub 10.5 oz.
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By Big Al's Texas Rubs

Whether it's animal, vegetable or mineral, well, maybe not mineral, Big Al's Texas Original Flavor Rub intensifies and enhances the flavor of any food. Use it as a rub prior to cooking or as a substitute for your normal seasonings. In our recipe section is a recipe for Pork Butt using the Original rub. I had to stop cooking it at the house, because the city thought I had opened a restaurant and wanted me to get a permit!

Tips: If you want to smoke brisket, it's best to use the Original Dry Rub and a flavored wood to prevent overpowering the meat.

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