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Dude, Sweet Chocolate

12-piece Dude, Sweet box
$ 20.00 per Box
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By Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Here's how it all got started - the six DUDE chocolates are a bit more savory than the SWEET six, but they're all dark. This is our combination box with 1 of each flavor of the Dude's and the Sweet's... La Crema - Del Maguey mescal, banana Butters - butternut squash, maple Baccus - Texas cabernet, golden raisin V.Y.T.V.V. - violets, almond Q - quince, candied ginger Hill Country - Zip Code honey, lavender, Dallas Mozz. Co. goat crema Queen of Sheeba - grains of paradise, carrot Parique -Louisanna tobacco, cognac London’s Calling - barley malt, dried beer, marmite Black Gold - black garlic, sweet wild mushrooms (r?)1, (r?)1, Baby - pure rye whiskey, chestnut

Origin: Texas, USA

Pair with: Belgian beer, chardonay (non-oak), malbec

Product SKU: 1460-0011
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