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Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Chubby Nuts
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By Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Known to us as nuts and chocolate, meaning that the nuts are the focal point. Whole hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia and soy are tossed in egg whites, powdered sugar and sea salt and candied in the oven (as compared to just toasting) and rolled loosely in white chocolate to coat (the only time white chocolate is used in the store) the 72% South American dark chocolate and powdered sugar. A salty sweet chocolate lovers paradise, this is completely addictive. Not good for lactose-free diets (milk in the white chocolate) or vegan diets (egg whites), but contains no wheat of any kind.

Origin: Texas, USA

Pair with: Wheat beers, espresso and of course beer.

Size: 6.25 oz.

Product SKU: 1460-0008
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