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Kaurina's Kulfi and Ice Creams

Kaurina's Tarka Masala
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Kaurina's Kulfi and Ice Creams

Kaurina's Kulfi and Ice Creams

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Kaurina's Tarka Masala
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By Kaurina's Kulfi

Tarka Masala is a flavorful base from which you can create traditional Indian curries and your own original creations. Created from a traditional North Indian recipe, tarka masala is made from caramelized onions, fresh ginger, garlic, tomato sauce, and aromatic spices. Tarka Masala adds a burst of flavor for any dish. Use it as a simmer sauce, marinade, curry base, gravy, filling, or whatever you can imagine. Low in calories, and fat. It's a healthy all natural way to cook up a flavorful meal in minutes. Just add salt and spice to taste. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Origin: Dallas, Texas

Size: 12 oz

Pair with: Grilled Meats, Fish, Veggies; Marinade for BBQ, Add to Chili, Omelet Filling, Burgers, Steak, Fajitas, Ground Meat, Grilled Cheese, Pasta, Stir Fry, Mix with Indian Curry Dry Spice Blends. The possibilities are endless!

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