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Mild Bill's Spice Company, Inc.

Spirit of the West BBQ Rub
Mild Bill's Spice Company, Inc.

Mild Bill's Spice Company, Inc.

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Spirit of the West BBQ Rub
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By Mild Bill's

Award winning!!! This special blend of spices has won many barbecue contests. It's excellent for beef, brisket or ribs. Just rub it on the meat evenly and cook to taste for that great southwestern flavor, or mix it with a little olive oil and vinegar for a fantastic marinade.

Origin: Texas, USA

Size: 4 oz jar is enough to do a 10 lb. brisket.

Uses: Great for Chicken and Pork, this Paprika based BBQ Rub has a hint of sweet and a little heat.

Product SKU: 1501-0003
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