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Thomas Mushroom Company

Button Mushrooms - 5lb. Box
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Thomas Mushroom Company

Thomas Mushroom Company

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Button Mushrooms - 5lb. Box
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The most common mushroom. It has a strong and individual flavor, keeps well in the refrigerator and combines with almost everything. It is available even in the worst weather, and all year long.

Origin: Texas

Flavor: White mushrooms are pleasingly mild and woodsy in taste. Flavors intensify when cooked.

Size: Small (up to 1-1/4")  usually 89 +/- 12 per pound

Pair with: Mushrooms can be eaten fresh (raw), in salads, soups, pizzas, grilled, roasted, or baked. 

Preparation & Storage: When possible gently rinse mushrooms to remove excess dirty and to clean the surface.   If serving raw a suggestion of lightly sprinkling lemon juice will prevent them from white to brown in color. 

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