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Rush Patisserie

Rush Patisserie

Pastry Boutique & Cake Salon

Samantha's formal training and technique, her uncompromising standards and passion is reflected in RUSH'S exquisitely crafted desserts, from macarons to elaborate wedding cakes.

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Almond Croissant Filled with almond cream
Butter Croissant A French classic
Black & White Cookie Vanilla&Choc. iced shortbread
Blueberry Muffin Light, fluffy
Brulee Banana & Coconut Tart Bavarian coconut cream filled
Carmel Coconut Cream Cheese Cake Vanilla chiffon sponge cake
Chocolate Croissant Classic, filled with chocolate
Fortunato #4 Cake Rich dark choc. mousse cake
Ham & Cheese Croissant Classic, ham & swiss filled
Lemon Tart Rich lemon cream, white choc.
Mixed Berry Tart Bavarian vanilla bean cream
Nutella Tart Baked Nutella ganache
Strawberry Muffin Light, fluffy
Sweet & Savory Cheese Croissant Sweet cream cheese, provolone

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