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Mama's Nuts!

Nuts, Provençale Garlic Almonds
Mama's Nuts!

Mama's Nuts!

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Nuts, Provençale Garlic Almonds
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By Mama's Nuts!

Mama wanted a memory of the South of France besides her 35mm slides, so she created this new savory snack! Mama’s Nuts! Provençale Garlic Almonds are made with a secret blend of freshly dried garden herbs, dehydrated garlic and a healthy dose of cracked black pepper that transport your taste buds to the French countryside.

Origin: Chicago, IL

Pair With: Artisinal Cheeses, Salads, Roasted Chicken or Lamb, Herbaceous Red Wines, IPA's, Cognac.

Size: 8 oz

Product SKU: 1493-0009
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