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Martin's Biscotti

Hazelnut and Cacao Nib Biscotti - 4 oz.
Martin's Biscotti

Martin's Biscotti

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Hazelnut and Cacao Nib Biscotti - 4 oz.
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By Martin's Biscotti

For the chocolate lover in all of us. This Biscotti has the bittersweet crunch of toasted cacao bean added to the richness of Hazelnuts and chewy Black Currants. Rich Belgian chocolate brings it all together.

Origin: Dallas, Texas

Pair with: expresso or dip into Vin Santo, a dessert wine.

Size: 4 oz. - Approximately 9-10 cookies in a bag

Ingredients: Hazenut and Cacao Nib Unbleached wheat flour, granulated sugar, whole eggs, hazelnuts, black currents, unsalted butter (cream and natural flavors), cacoa powder, caco nibs, Belgium chocolates, baking powder, vanilla extract, sea salt, baking soda Please Note: May contain tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, wheat gluten

Product SKU: 1502-0008
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