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JJ&B - Jellies Jams & Butters

The BEST Strawberry Jam - 12 oz.
JJ&B - Jellies Jams & Butters

JJ&B - Jellies Jams & Butters

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The BEST Strawberry Jam - 12 oz.
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By JJ&B - Jellies Jams & Butters

A delicious jam made with strawberries from The Berry Patch in Fairfield, Texas. We think its the BEST strawberry jam you will ever taste! So delicious, you will hardly believe its low in sugar!

Storage Instructions: Refrigerate after opening

Origin: Dallas, TX

Pair with: Spread on English muffins, hot biscuits, scones, or popovers for a delectable treat. This Strawberry Jam is equally delicious spooned into yogurt, or served over ice cream or pound cake. It is also the perfect jam for Thumbprint Cookies!

Net Weight: 12 oz. (340g)

Product SKU: 1441-0026
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