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Mozzarella Company

Blanca Bianca
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By Mozzarella Company

A pungent cheese with a creamy soft texture. Washed with white wine as it ages for at least 60 days. A raw milk cheese.

Origin: Dallas, Texas

Type of Milk: Cow's Milk

Storage: Perishable cheese - store 3 weeks in seals once opened will last 7-14 additional days. All perishable cheeses, except ricotta, may be frozen and later defrosted in the refrigerator.

Ingredients: Blanca Bianca: Raw cow's milk cheese, cultures, calf rennet powder (sodium chloride, rennet extract (chymosin, pepsin)), salt, wine (may contain sulfites). Aged more than 60 days.

Product SKU: 1503-0014
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