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Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters

12 oz. Honduras Cafe Bejucales, Direct Trade
Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters

Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters

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12 oz. Honduras Cafe Bejucales, Direct Trade
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By Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters

The cup is creamy, having flavors of milk chocolate and graham cracker.

Arabica Varietal: Catuai, Caturra

Size: 12 oz.

Roast Level: Medium

Origin: The Café Bejucales farm is located in La Union, Santa Barbara, Honduras and has been in the Casco family for 4 generations.  The beans are grown at an elevation of 3248 ft. The farm is dedicated to using sustainable methods, never using pesticides or fertilizers, and composting all organic material.  Trees are never cut down, leaving it to nature to decide when a tree will fall.  Café Bejucales is careful to handle shade responsibly in order to live in harmony with local as well as migrated bird

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