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Chef Milton

Chef Milton

Artisanal Salts and Seasoned Nuts

With a passion for cooking that started at working at his parents restaurant, Chef Milton enjoys the experimental side of cooking to create unique flavor combinations. Salt is the most used seasoning from baking and brining to bathing. Take an everyday recipe to a new level by replacing plain salt with one of his enhanced salts to bring a new dimension of flavor. For a fun happy hour, use the Atlantic Sea Salt with Lime & Cilantro as a salt rim for your margarita. Don't forget to pair it with his chili-honey roasted nuts, a little sweet and spicy for a kick.

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Smoked Sea Salt & Pepper Melange
Variety of smoked peppercorns
Atlantic Sea Salt with Citrus and Herbs
Use on main dishes and sides!
Atlantic Sea Salt with Garlic Butter
Sprinkle the butter on!
Atlantic Sea Salt with Lavender
Pair with vegetable sides
Atlantic Sea Salt with Rosemary
Use as a rub on lamb
Chef Milton's All-Purpose Rub Use on everything!
Genuine Red Hatch Chile Powder - Salt Free Pure Red Hatch Chile flavor
Himalayan Pink Salt- Course Grind
Use in a brine or grinder
Himalayan Pink Salt- Medium Grind
Perfect for sprinkling
Lemon Pepper Seasoning
The possibilities are endless!
Mixed Nuts
Perfect, sweet and spicy
Just the peanuts
Smoked Atlantic Sea Salt with Genuine Green Hatch Peppers
Real Green Hatch Chile flavor
Smoked Pepper Melange- Salt Free
Four varieties of peppercorn
Texas Gourmet Salt Trio
Makes a great gift!

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