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Gorji Gourmet Foods

Gorji Gourmet Foods

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In creating Gorji Gourmet, I wanted to make a product line for home use that would be the base for gourmet meals without spending hours in preparation. These sauces, dipping oil/marinade, dressing and dip/condiment are the same bold, flavorful products that I cook with every night at Canary by Gorji. Chef Gorji reflects his longtime cooking philosophy: “Quality ingredients, minimal spices and abbreviated cooking times let the natural flavor of the food be the star!”

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Gorji Gourmet Foods
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Delight Foodies:Gourmet Pasta Basket Winner Best Pasta Sauce
How To Put Prize-Winning Zing! In Your Cooking Cookbook & Cooking Oil Primer
Arrabiata Diavolo Sauce Spicy Award-Winner Delicious!
Pomegranate Champagne Vinaigrette Not just for your salad!
Pomodoro Sauce Great tomato sauce
Puttanesca Sauce Zesty tomato sauce
Dipping Oil & Marinade Primer Versatile, try it!!
Zing by Gorji Cookbook All about Gorji

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