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Grapevine Olive Oil Company

Grapevine Olive Oil Company

The Finest Oils and Vinegars

Grapevine Olive Oil Company is the most unique and exciting culinary experience in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We offer the most extensive selection of extra virgin olive oils from around the world and balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy-the best part is you are able to taste before you buy! Our helpful staff will assist you in selecting an oil and vingar that you will use and love!  And your tastebuds will rejoice!

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Grapevine Olive Oil Company
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Enzo Organic Delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dark toast, dry grass, peppery
Black Truffle Oil True, bold truffle essence
California Garlic Olive Oil Slow roasted garlic flavor
Garden Fresh Cilantro Olive Oil Tones of lemon, sage, pepper
Natural Butter Extra Virgin Olive Oil Use as a butter substitute

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