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Martin's Biscotti

Martin's Biscotti

Small Batch, Hand Made Biscotti

Martin and Ann Vandiver's biscotti recipe comes from a 14th century Tuscan merchant who lived in Prato; with some minor improvements, they have created their own artisan biscotti's. Only using the highest quality ingredients, they begin with the perfect blend of hard and soft unbleached flour, pure cane sugar, imported unsalted butter, and organic eggs. Enhanced with dried herbs, spices, and fruits of all kinds to bring you completely unusual flavor profiles that are sure to delight. They are passionate about the flavors and will not take shortcuts. "What we don't sell, we eat!"

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Almond and Saffron Biscotti - 4 oz. Hand picked Spanish saffron
Ann's Lavosh Sesame seeds, asiago cheese
Coconut with Curry Biscotti - 4 oz. With almond, and apricots

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