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Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters

Directly Traded, Locally Roasted

We are micro-roastery in Dallas, established in 2008. We are driven by relationships and we view high quality coffee as the sustainable force within these relationships. We purchase most of our coffee direct from producers, paying premiums for quality while seeing and understanding their work practices. We seek to develop our producer relationships to build trust with both the producer and our customers here in Texas. We believe that the strength of these relathionships will be reflected in the quality of a cup of our coffee. "Not simply about what you consume, but what you create."

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O.C. Decaf - Organic Dark choc. with fruit notes
Victor Prosper's Dark Roast Bittersweet dark chocolate
Rosemont Crest Blend Chocolate, fruity
Hidden City Espresso Choc., berries, syrupy body

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