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Texas Honeybee Guild

Texas Honeybee Guild

Local Honey

Brandon and Susan Pollard are Urban Bee-Wranglers who have taken the Dallas and the North Texas region by swarm! As founders of the Texas Honeybee Guild their mission actively protects the honey bee- a fragile natural resource. The honeybee is responsible for one in every three bites of food that we eat. Each teaspoon of honey takes 12 bees to produce and the average life of a honey bee is 40 days. Currently maintaining over 100 colonies within the Dallas city limits-Texas Honeybee Guild’s Raw Unfiltered Honey offers a unique taste of our town!

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Texas Honeybee Guild
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Cinnamon Whupped Honey Spreadable, fresh ground ci...
Sweet Nut-Thangs Local honey, Texas pecans
Honeycomb Extra-concentrated honey
Bee Pollen Rich, pure natural food
Beeswax Natural product of honeybees
Honey Bear Whole, raw food
Whupped Honey Whipped, spreadable
Beeswax Hand Lotion Bar Perfect remedy for dry skin

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