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Texas Olive Ranch

Texas Olive Ranch

Grown and Pressed in Texas, by Texans

Texas Olive Ranch 100% Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed from arbequina variety olives grown at our ranch. The arbequina variety was developed in Spain and is especially suitable for growing in the sandy loam soil of the Middle Rio Grande Valley, where the climate is very similar to southern Spain. In addition to the arbequina variety, we grow two other varieties: arbosana, also Spanish in origin; and a Greek variety, koroneiki. World class olive oil grown in Texas, by Texans, for Texans.

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Texas Olive Ranch
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Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Great on roasted chicken!
Garden Rosemary Olive Oil Fresh herb flavor
Chipotle Chili Infused Olive Oil Gives a burst of spice
Amaretto Infused Olive Oil Great in baked goods
Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Aged 6 years in oak casks
Chocolate Infused Olive Oil Drizzle over ice cream
Coffee Infused Olive Oil Great in baked goods
Muy Bueno Blend A genuine taste of Texas
Orange & White Orange Infused White Balsamic Vinegar Gives a bright touch of citrus
Pecan Infused Dark Balsamic Vinegar Pairs wonderfully with cheese
Pomegranate Infused Dark Balsamic Vinegar Perfect on a bed of greens
Rattlesnake Cracked Pepper & Chipotle Chili Olive Oil Chipotle, cracked red pepper
Rio Orange Olive Oil Aromatic, delicious
Roasted Garlic Olive Oil Excellent substitute to butter
Blueberry Infused Dark Balsamic Vinegar Try drizzling on ice cream!

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